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Many feared dead at Korean concert


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BBC news report here





The pictures and reports suggest that large numbers of persons stood on a steel grating that ventilated an underground car park. This gave way under the weight and people fell a considerable distance into the car park.

Early reports suggest as many as 14 lives lost. Very sad.

Such structures are typically designed to bear the weight of persons, but not of course in unlimited numbers


EDIT I can not get the link to work. The sad news is on the BBC news website and probably on other media as well.

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And that people will do anything for a better view... which is why if you are going to offer them nothing but a view of the back of the head of the person in front, you have to make doubly sure that there are no other opportunities for people to get a better view. Do not underestimate the structures which people will scale in order to see the stage better!


People often ignore such issues with a "well it's their problem isn't it" attitude, but anything like this on your event site inside the audience area needs a barrier and a security detail else the obvious WILL happen. Yes it costs money but such is the reality when you choose an event site with such hazards in them.

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The BBC have an update on this story here:




In summary: one of the organisers killed him self afterwards, leaving a note expressing regret for the victims.


It says he was first questioned by police.


I do hope that - with the article mentioning people questioning Korea's safety standards - the police had not led him to the belief he was going to be scapegoated.


It's a bad accident, and it could have been prevented by a bit more thoughtful planning. However my instinct is that not fencing off that area was an oversight, not callous negligence.

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