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Jester 12/24 SLAVE


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Two ways - the Jester had a DMX input as well as output - and when a cue is programmed it will take a snapshot of the DMX input and combine this - so you could actually use another desk for programming and then lose it for running.


HOWEVER I do think despite it never being mentioned anywhere by Zero88 that only the channels patched on the desk will fade according to the cue fade times - I think all the additional channels snap to value.


The Jester will also merge the DMX when running live though - so you could programme 24 lanterns on the first Jester, 24 on the second and hit Go on both simultaneously. You might find a way to get one to trigger the other but off the top of my head I'm not sure of one.

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Have tried to do this before and its an absolute nightmare! especially when you try to go back and edit a cue due to the "master" jester capturing a snapshot, you have to rebuild the cue from scratch.


If the jester 12/24 happens to be the ML version then it is possible to cheat extra channels of dimming via virtual dimmers on the ML panel, but again, a bit of a pain in the arse.



Save yourself a lot of hassle and hire in a desk more suited to your needs.

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