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Temporary Events Notice

kerry davies

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Rather concerning to nowhere in the document the occupancy levels in terms of egress or toilets is mentioned.

I noticed that this form is capped at 500pax but that is still a lot of people to die if there is only one door...


And isn't this an odd introduction:

This form is used by local authorities to prevent a temporary event going ahead.

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I've been sending those off for years. Unless something major has changed recently, as long as you're not trying to do anything beyond the scope of the TEN system, the local authority has no power to prevent the event happening; only the police can do that if they anticipate civil disorder or whatever. It's a notification - you're simply informing them that you will be holding the event.

I agree that the onus is very much on the premises user to ensure that fire exits, toilets and whatever else is in place - one would hope that they would be sensible about that but I wouldn't want to see more layers of red tape getting in the way. TENs are ideal for schools, colleges, community events etc where yet more regulation would be a significant barrier.

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Please note that the following changes have been made to the Temporary Event Notice legislation


Events can now last for up to 168 hours (7 days)


The total number of aggregate days per calendar year is now 21 (12 TEN applications per year stays the same).


‘Late’ notices can now be served – these can be submitted giving no later than 5 working days and no earlier that 9 working days before the event. Any TEN served giving less than 5 working days will automatically be rejected. Restrictions do apply to this - Personal Licence Holders are only allowed to apply for 10 late notices and non Personal Licence Holders are only allowed to apply for 2. Late notices still count towards the total number of TENs/Days for that premises for the year.


A copy of the TEN must also be submitted to Environmental Health (as well as Licensing and the Police).


The Temporary Event Notice has also been changed and any Notices downloaded before the 25 April 2012 will no longer be valid and should not be used.

I only posted this so that people like Shez can download the changed forms and bin their old ones.


Roderick, nearly all LA's refer applicants to the Purple Guide as a matter of course. Because most of the groups take one look at it and panic I wrote the Community Event Guide which the Cabinet Office later followed up. (See below.) The change to now notifying the EHO would cover the safety and hygiene aspects.


It is the rather bonkers and contradictory "prevent" labeling which I have flagged up to our beloved coalition masters. I should have been clearer, Roderick, sorry.

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It would be lovely if they put a date, version number or whatever on the form - unless you dig right through the notes, there's no indication that anything has changed. Maybe someone with a brain as well as the ability to read English would be useful. But thanks for flagging it up. It'll soon cost more in stamps with the number of people one has to post the form to than the fee itself!
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