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We now use hdbaset as the default distrbution as a lot of our projectors now have the recievers built in. what ive found is you need the right cable and the hdbaset lite products are a false ecconomy as theres a 70m limit and they dont carry network which as id have all the projectors under network control is an issue. But ive been using it for a while now and it seems transparent and we have had runs of 140m working completely solidly. its probably slightly cheaper than fibre and the cables are a bit more robust. We have been using premade kramer cable and you can join it if you use the correct screened back cat6 joiners, as the cables only come max 60m, the 140m run would have had 3 sections to it and it worked fine. Its a standard so different manufacturers products should be compatible...basically theres displays out there with ins and scalers with outs, so its kind of allready the standard...
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