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[?] Dongle Not Found (Avo)


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Hello everybody !


I'm on a pearl expert (not the white one) which is running titan and I've have been upgrading my desk all the day to get from 5.0 to 7.4....


At the 7.2 Setup, when finished a message have been displayed on my screen "Dongle can't found"


I've done the ECN Dongle Connection point change and the BIOS update but nothing change.... I've been trying to update 7.4 but a message appear with NSIS error "can't update [...]"


I've to make a show next week so I'm a bit stressed and I don't know how I can manage to solve that problem..... :(((((( !


Does somebody can help me ?


Thanks a lot !





( sorry if it isn't clear for all part, english isn't my native language so it's a bit hard for me )

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Just seen ur reply @stevelinus and desk has been delivered to our local AED Repair Center in belgium but thanks for helping !


I've try to update my USB Panel, thanks to @niclights, but nothing change...


I'll post as soon as I get the news from the AED's repair department

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