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Genie style access equipment


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I am trying to find a suitable genie-like product that will get me to a working height of around 13m, the largest genie I can find only goes to 11m (platform at 9m) which isn't quite high enough - and I don't think standing on a box is a good idea!


Does anyone know of any other products? The criteria are:


- Not too heavy (needs to go on a sprung floor, this can be designed to support the appropriate weight but too heavy and we have to reduce the spring)


- Not too big - limited storage in the venue, and needs to wheel through doors that aren't that massive


- Building is about 1200mm above street level, so needs to be able to be got in somehow, we have had normal genies in before by tipping and using a ramp, so that's possible but some of the bigger ones may not be


Any ideas??





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At around half tonne its not too bad on weight. IT looks like the JLG drive rounds are only 7.6m tall.

http://www.skyjack.com/product/sj12-0 at 782kg might still be ok depending on how its distributed.I know we were fine with 400 a point on the old dance floor.


It does look like "sock picker" is the key phrasing.

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Have you considered something like a:




It might be a little on the heavy side though? I'm a bit hesitant to make this recommendation having never used the machine, nor been on a job with one. However have heard very good things from people who have, including where they needed to get it through a standard sized single doorway.

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I used to do a lot of shopping mall work and spider lifts are certainly worth their weight in gold in terms of compact size and low weight.


Teupen do 130ft articulating booms, and you can still drive them through a fairly standard double door. And the way the weight is distributed on the legs keeps the floor loading down a lot which can be important in malls which are often loaded up with facility panels and the like.


The main thing is that they are expensive, don't know if the OP can put it in the budget. But they are very good and, in conjunction with a decent truck ramp to get it into the building, would probably be ideal for this scenario. Far better than constantly dismantling and moving the wheel-around JLGs.

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