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OB / OU splitter?

Mr Steve

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Hello all,


I have acquired some of these boxes. They are marked as OB / OU and have a mic input, output and PA feed output. Inside there is a board with a couple of resistors on and a silver thingy, where all the wires go. Does anyone know what this is, and what it does?




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Looks suspiciously like a classic Beeb eddy box. Yes, the silver thingy is a screened mic transformer. Can't remember what a LL/76/ASC is and my book with the colour codes is in the attic. It's probably a 1:1 600ohm tranny and the box appears to be wired mic in to mic through and then a padded down isolated output., so it's a mic splitter. OU OB might be open university (BBC production base at Milton Keynes) outside broadcast unit - I think they had one. The beeb used mic splitters a lot to isolate phantom feeds and provide electrical safety isolation from other organisations kit. The proper ones have an electrostatic screen between the primary and secondary so this looks like a home brew one. I've made them myself out of old equipment transformers.


......although, bizarrely, the screen seems to be carried through from input to output AND split which certainly wasn't normal practice.

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