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Showtec multi par vs Conventional 1000w par 64


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Hi all


I am thinking of purchasing some more pars and wondering whether the Showtec multi-par with the 600 watt gvk lamp is brighter than a conventional par 64 with a 1000 watt lamp.

say if you have a medium flood lens installed in the multi-par with the 600 watt gvk lamp and a par 64 with 1000 watt medium flood lamp side by side which one would be brighter?


Showtec say you get the same light output as a 1000watt lamp ?


I've never used the multi par but I like the look of them and the ability to change the lenses and they aren't to pricey like the etc source four pars.


how do they compare ?


Would love some suggestions




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how do they compare ?


I've got a pile of them but have to admit I've never done a side-by-side comparison. I tend to think of them as a different unit with a different look to the beam.


I like them in upstage backlight positions for live music.


They are not without their problems though...


1) The supplied gel frame is rubbish. The ones I have came with a punched metal frame with integral grille. What happens is the grille gets hot and melts the gel. Not good. I solved this by buying separate gel frames which I use in front of the supplied ones. You need the grille because...


2) The lens retainers don't always work so you run the risk of the lens falling out.


3) The lens retainer can also be a bit tight making lens removal tricky. You can buy a tool to help. I also have a small sink plunger in the toolbox.!


Whereabouts are you? Perhaps someone nearby has some you could look at?

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Having second thoughts now


Don't. The reality is that the niggles I listed are no worse than any other budget fixture. And after buying my first batch of 4 units I then went and bought another 12 so they certainly aren't show-stoppers.

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They're actually quite nice units for the price - we bought some of the first ones when we got our HighLite dealership to use in hire - except they sat on the hire shelf for ages not moving, so eventually we sold them.


There were issues with the lens retaining clips being too brittle but that got solved quickly and it's a nice little lantern for the money - nice, bright and punchy and running from an HP 575.

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