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Which Training Courses?

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Hi all. So im relatively new in to the game only having been in it a few years now.

I'm wondering what everyones recommendations are about which training courses etc are the best or most important to do? I'm thinking of IPAF or Pasma Training. Also thinking about trying to get a rigging course under my belt but would have no idea who to go to for this?


Any recommendations or suggestions would be extremely appreciated.



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If you use the search function, top right under your name, there are umpteen threads on all sorts of permutations of this question, like this.


Everybody has their own personal angle and it has been discussed ad infinitum without any two of us agreeing wholeheartedly. It really all depends on whether you wish to go into any specific area like outdoor events or theatre or corporate. Whether you are a specialist or general production guy, that sort of thing. If you want festy or arena type work then you could do worse than trawl a few local crew websites and see what they ask for.

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