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Turning off speakers when a door is closed.


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Morning all


I'm having trouble finding the right search term to google what I'm after. I know a unit exist as I've seen them and remember thinking that would be useful at some point, but I can't remember what they were.


I'm after connecting a stereo amp to 4 x 8ohm speaker (2 x 2 in parallel per channel) the room is divided and I want the paralleled pair to turn off on closing of the door. I can attach a small reed switch and magnet to the sliding door as a trigger.


We are only talking 20w per channel, I could make something myself but I'm concerened about introducing buzz if I use a relay, so ideally I would like something made for audio.


Any pointer would be appreciated.



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You won't introduce any 'buzz' using a relay fed from a DC supply, even very unlikely if you use AC relays, controlled by a door sensor switch.

Try using one of the magnetic Alarm system switches, but be aware of the current and voltage ratings of these when choosing your relay


hope this assists


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