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stumbled across something called stagecue on my facetube feed.


from a quick look, it seems to be a soon to be released application, where a tablet acts as a cuelight masterstation, and smaller devices such as your phone can act as a remote station, and claims it has "no lag whatsoever"


no connection with me what so ever, it just me think of the many topics on the BR with people asking for a fully fledged cuelight system, for 10p, yesterday. If this is as good as advertised it could be a good solution for those kind of requests.



have a look see > http://facebook.com/stagecue

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I noticed this new app appear on the App store a few months ago. Ever since, I have been wanting to purchase it but it has been out of my price range. I do understand that StageCue is the most affordable cueing system around, however, £30 for an app is quite expensive considering what it does. I am attempting to code an app similar to this one but with very limited experience with Xcode, I am being very optimistic.
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