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Qlab and Mac


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I have a small issue with QLab and Mac working together. Actually I think it's mac's problem. When I have a show on QLab on top and active. Then once in every hour the same time my mac deactivates the app and I have to click on QLab again to be able to lunch cues. Sometimes I don't notice that and then I miss a mark. I think that time is related to the time I turned on my mac. If it is 5/16/43 (hours/minutes/seconds) then it happens again 6/16/46. I will try to verify if it is related to the time I turn on the mac.

I hope you understand what I mean.


Anybody have any ideas that could help to get to know what causes that?


Setup I'm using:

QLab 2

Macbook Pro 2.9GHz i7, 8GB RAM

RME Fireface UCX

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Have you changed the sleep / power settings on the mac? My guess would be the mac is set to turn off the hd's / dim the screen / shutdown or something after an hour.


More likely dim the screen which takes the focus off the active app as you would probably notice the machine shutting down.


All that said, this would only happen an hour after the last action so the start up time would have no relevance.


It could be some backup software or scanning software set to run at startup with an hour delay, I have a piece of file sync software which is set to run at a certain time but if the sync failed it will run again after next startup and this setting can be set to an hour after the startup. I did have an issue were it got confused and never actually finished a sync, this caused me issues at every startup.

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