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Showtec FX shot


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Has anyone used the Showtec FX shot system - the 40cm/80cm single use pressured cartridges and the firing system?


I've read that the cartridges can be fired directly from 240V - does anyone know if the firing unit (My link) is any more intelligent than just outputting 240V on the small terminals? Does it cut off the power to stop it being energised after firing or any other safety measures?


I was looking at buying some LM glitter cartridges and hiring in the firing pods and control system as we usually do, but this looks like it could be a cheaper option if they can be safely fired from 240v.


Thanks in advance

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A very good pyro friend tried to fire the MagicQ units from typical firing boxes with small batteries that normally work well -no success, likewise from a high voltage exploder (Shrike). Direct mains also failed but with more smoke! Something around 12 - 48v capable of driving 5 - 10 amps is needed. 24v of lead acid batteries was suggested to me.


I have two four channel DMX firing units that are heavy, I'll see what the open cct voltage is sometime.


Beware of the recoil as these fire, it is significant and probably why the firing pods are heavy so that they don't move.

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Hi there,


There was a question about this a little while back...




As mentioned in that topic, we've got lots of them in out hire department. We use the 4 channel Showtec dimmers to fire them via DMX.


To answer your question, "Does it cut off the power to stop it being energised after firing or any other safety measures?", No. If you keep power to the unit it will continue to output the firing voltage.


Hope this helps.



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It sounds like the unit does have a transformer then though - so it may not be straight mains firing.


I was going by this which suggested mains firing might be possibility.


I'd identified it as a Showtec cartridge as I wasn't aware of the MagicFX but it could be either.

Sounds like It's not right that either of these systems are fired directly from 240V though so both should be used with the firing bases.


If they were designed to fire from 240 I thought it might be easy enough to make up a holder from a bit of pipe and a thumbscrew and change the connector for a mains voltage.


We do have a 24V charging (so fires a bit higher) capacitor discharge system that we built to use with a solenoid release system that I would imagine gives enough power to fire them, but if I've got to fabricate the holders and the wiring is messy it all starts to get a bit of a bodge.

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The canister of gas has a flap over the mouth which is held shut with plastic string - the voltage heats a wire which causes the string to fail and the gas releases into the tube of fetti throwing it out. 12v lead acid will fire it, as will mains but not always reliably - the wire flashes and fails without generating enough heat to melt the string - firing system is unlikely to work well at all - after much deliberation I bought the MagicFX version because I liked the shuco type connector so once wired it stays so and there wasnt much in the price - would say that the safety on the cardboard tube is essential as they can fire the tube not just the confetti.
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