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MAC 550 Pan Issue

Ashley R

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Hi All


Currently have yet another MAC 550 not playing ball.


When it re-sets itself, it seems to re-set okay into its normal positions, then it tries to slam itself past the pan limit (cue a large amount of grinding and noises)


Noticed that the sensor was missing a single tooth, but that shouldn't cause it? - as even when removed, it still went beyond the limits of the pan.


Also checked that the end stop switch was working.


This has me completely baffled.


Its also showing a FBEP as expected, but I can't use the fixture as it thinks its home position is almost at the end of its travel, and just grinds about anywhere below value 100.


any bright ideas?

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Could the pan motor be connected backwards?

If this is a previously working fixture which has failed then this is unlikely. But if someone else has been messing with it or the motor has been swapped then you never know.

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That sounds as if the feedback isn't working at all. I stand to be corrected but I think that during the reset the controller just moves the head by sending stepper pulses until it finds the limit switch. Thereafter it uses the feedback from the encoder and just assumes it can go 540 degrees from the limit without hitting anything. If you have teeth missing or a faulty/misaligned sensor then the controller will not know how far the head has gone.


Check the teeth and the opto...



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