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temporary soot effect

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Flints might have a good idea. They do that no damage wall paper. I can't imagine that black powderpaint is good really for any surface, you are bound to get smudges when it comes off.


All depends on how much you like the space you are going to.

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Thanks to all who replied.


I am familiar with 'Mask-it' and 'Peel' temp wallcovering products.


Was hoping for a powder mix treatment. Prob doesn't exist or wouldn't work.


Any further suggestions would be very welcome.





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I doubt that you will find a product that is easy to remove but that will withstand rain.


How does the product "know" the difference between the rain that you wish it to withstand, and the water from a wet cloth or mop, or a hose that you want to easily wash it off ?


A possibility would be the old fashioned powdered paint pigments sold by Flints. These are intended to be dissolved in water with the addition of a fixative known as size. Try using ONLY the pigment dissolved in water without any fixative, this results in paint with very poor durability. It will still be somewhat vulnerable to rain though, and may need a determined attack with scrubbing brush or pressure washer for removal.


I have used this to simulate smoke stains for filming purposes.




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