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ETC's new web site


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So, I tried to log on to the new ETC pages today - hit a bit of a hurdle. Couldn't remember what my old password was so requested a reset - that came back fine and (after 3 or 4 attempts) finally logged in to the MYETC page. However, it seems that whilst there should be an 'account' button to view your info and modify the password, there isn't.


According to ETC support there was an update last night and an 'unfortunate side effect' means that not all content is being displayed!


They are on it and hopefully it'll be sorted soon. :)


Oh - and when I try to get on their forum, I get an Error 404, so they're looking at that too.




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Yes, it's well and truly kernackered. I too was unable to update my account because the link was missing.


Imagine also my surprise when I got an email to one of my email addresses to let me know there was a new site (so they clearly have that email address on file somewhere) but, like Ynot I had forgotten my login. So I entered the email address and requested a new password. No, nobody with that email address, it says. I eventually managed to get a response from an email address that has never received any notifications.


I've had problems logging in before, the old site was a bit fragile too.


Trying to find the latest Eos software and offline software is less obvious than it used to be, too.


Some work still to go, I think, Etc.

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I've let our web team know that you're having trouble, while they are continuing to work fix bugs that we are finding, they've asked me to pass on the following in case it helps resolve some of the issues you're having:

"we are having an issue with the MyETC landing page in alternate languages and we are working diligently to fix the issue. In the meantime, if they switch language selection to English (US) all buttons, including “Account Information” will be available.


We hope to have this issue resolved by the end of the week."




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