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Show stars in london


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Hi there not sure if anyone remembers I posted a thread about getting into rigging/events from a scaffolding background recently I had some very good replies back and have planted a few seeds with a good few companies but at last I've had a breakthrough I've spoken to show stars in bow East London and outback rigging in park royal in north west London and was wondering if anyone has either worked or come across them before?


Outback rigging have a rigging apprenticeship going at the moment and have spoke at length regarding it but have to wait for someone in particular to call me in for an interview and as for showstars it was infact a great bloke on here called topcat who mentioned them ( thanks dave ;) ) and have spoken a good few times to another great bloke called Paul at show stars and from what I can tell I should have a start on there in a few weeks or so


It's show stars that I'm very keen on as it's not just my bread and butter ( scaffolding) but a chance to experience rigging as well. So please any opinions or experiences from the above 2 I would really appreciate it cheers bobby

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Both are reputable companies working at the highest of levels (Olympics etc) in the UK. Both are safety conscious and both are PSA members.


As far as I am concerned either or both would be good starts for what you asked last time though you may be approaching this from the "employee" angle which isn't usually the way it is. Self employment is so prevalent that you will normally end up working on projects for any of dozens of companies.

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if you truly want to be a rigger then get an apprenticeship/job at a rigging company. Only they will give you the breadth of knowledge you need to develop your skillset with the widest range of job types. Im not knocking Show Stars and other local crew companies but that is what they are and you might find the fact you only want to do rigging limits you a lot with them. They are primarily in the business of providing crew to unload/load trucks or move things from A to B.


Other companies to try are


Star Rigging

UK Rigging

Nippy Industries

Knight Rigging Services


Neg Earth


They may not have an opening for you right away but keep badgering them. You will find that a job comes up where they cant find anyone (due to everyone being busy or the job being so large) and that is your in.



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no worries on the tip off, but don't narrow yourself to one company. mail all the ones I mentioned, there will be days that one is quiet and another is busy.



hi lads sorry for delay in reply ive contacted the above the one thats looks most promising is prg so thanks for that mate as for the crew companies yes unfortunatly most have only offered between £7-9 an hr which is only half what im on now, dont get me wrong im not after mega £££ just yet for the obvious reason but show stars have told me it would be between £150-175 a day which is pukka but thats as a scaffolder not rigger


ive tried many a rigging firm but most have said that they want me fully qualified before they look at me but ** laughs out loud ** cant get the tickets without the experiance so proper catch 22


im also waiting to hear back from eventserv if anyone has any others that are based in london the more the better, im also registered self employed as well so we used to jumping firm to firm


again cant thank you boys enough for your help

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