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Don't you know who I am?


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Just a thought from conversations that happen like this.....


~~~~~~~Flash back effects~~~~~~~~


Party scene.


Person in black with gaffa tape on their feet stumbling around. Hands clasping a drink (fruit based) not spilling a drop. Meets nice person with sun tan...


Nice person: Hi I am a friend of James's. I am Jane Nice pleased to meet you.

Pasty white person with purple lx tape on jeans possibly a tech? : Uh


Nice: So what do you do then? I am a teacher ( this is an easy to understand profession)

Tech: I working in theatre I am a ..........( fill in job title here)


~~~~~Here it comes~~~~


Nice: Great have you ever worked with anyone famous?


Tech tells of all the great people they have worked with to a blank face then says: Will Young.


Nice person moves off.... Sits down to pull the orange tape off the bottom of her shoes.


Sorry a bit of distraction that my point which I about to come to is ...


What is your best story of mistaking a celeb for someone else?


I once got a message from the box office to tell the star of tonights show his mate had arrived. So went onstage went up to crew / tour manager and said could you please tell me where I could find...Lenny (someone) I have a message for him?

Tour manager does a great transformation scene infront of my eyes when his says ' I'm Lenny (someone) don't you reconise me?'

Frosty evening that night onstage.



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I once had the great pleasure to not recognise Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on the street in Dublin. even though my friend was getting thier autographs. and Mr Cruise had a little difficulty taking the cap off the pen so I said "twist it, you schmuck", he did so, looked at me and replied "good suggestion". as we were walking away, my friend turned to me and said the time honoured line "Dont You Know Who That Was.......?"




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Guest lightnix

My favourite story on these lines was one by the late Robert Morley. Once, at a showbiz party, he saw a young woman, whom he recognised, but couldn't put a name to. She saw him looking her way and came over to speak to him.


A round of small talk ensued, as he struggled to remember just who she was. The conversation stumbled on until...


Morley: And how are your family ?

Woman: They're very well, thank you.

Morley: And how's your sister ?

Woman: Oh, still Queen.

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