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Vectorworks Fonts


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So I am currently drafting a plan and I have been trying to settle on a font, it feels really important, I know clarity for the reader is priority but the right font can just make the plan that much nicer. In a lighting book I read by focal press recently, it says that Broadway standard's are Graphite and Heavy Hand fonts. However the vectorworks website sites these two as "Very Problematic" and I have had trouble exporting to PDF or between different VW programmes, 2012/2013 etc.


So what do people like using?


Do you think it makes a difference to professionalism and how well your plan is received?





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ABTT CAD Standards:


A clear sans serif font should be used.

Arial, which this document is written in is recommended as the Standard font.


More info




PS All


I'm doing my AutoCAD turn with the nice people from VectorWorks Training on both mornings at the ABTT, do come and say hello



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