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Chamsys MagicQ 40 - Stage Depot


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Hi all


Stage Depot are part of Enlightened Lighting, I would say one of the best hire companies around. They are no way a bedroom firm but actually have a pretty large warehouse, which from where they started out is HUGE.


There service is great and if you phone them up they will give you great advice and support.


Worth giving them a call and seeing what they can do for you.




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I also freelance and have had a pc wing for some time now.


I have a couple of touchscreen laptops and another 17" touchscreen monitor, usually with one laptop running magicq plus the 17" as I prefer the layout options offered by two screens.

The 2nd laptop covers different rolls, another system or as remote or as backup.


I also have the b4 artnet box which is great as it allows for the 2nd laptop to be used as a hot backup among other things.


From a personal point of view, I could not live with the lack of external connectivity offered by the mq40. If I was going to change to one of the compact consoles then it would be mq60 minimum, with the additional network features of the mq70 being very tempting.

That said, for me, if I was to buy from scratch again I would stick with my current system except shell extra for the maxi over the pc wing; purely for the convenience of the extra buttons.

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Thanks all, really really useful suggestions and points. Certainly made me have a much harder think now before jumping in. Definitely worth looking at the wing but I think if I was going to spending on the wing plus monitors plus decent case etc then I might as well shell out that bit more for the 60.


Have spent the morning programming on MagicPC for a local school and has made me realise that I just couldn't cope with a 40. So wing or 60 it is!



I will give Chamsys a call shortly!


Thanks again :)

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Check your email , Please feel free to contact me I am selling my mq60 which is in new condition only used for 1 month tour. will sell with 0% VAT due to my company being dutch based but I am living in london


I am also selling a chamsys maxi wing by the way

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