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Alternative to Eurocom MA/AX series amps?


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I like the look of the Eurocom installation amps but budget is tight and I'm interested in what's out there.



Something 1u or 2u that's no deeper than 350 mm

Greater than 120 watts RMS per channel (2 channels)

Low fan noise and low heat output

Cheaper than £400

Not ugly.


Basically needs to live happily in a wall mounted rack.


If anyone has first hand experience of amps they can recommend I'd be grateful.




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Given the USA list price is a tad over $200, I'd have thought that one could get one new in the UK for £400.


Even from Maplins.


100V amps of around this power level are problematic; they either need to have a transformer in them, which increases their weight, size, and cost, not to mention compromising the low frequency capability, or they can be cleverly designed for the job, like the Eurocoms and a very few others, or be (typically) massively overpowered for the task in hand: Any 2,500W amp can theoretically drive a 100V line directly, as long as it doesn't complain about the load generally having too high and impedance, because most 100V line systems don't need anything like 2,500W driving capability!

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Thanks guys. I didn't think to look at maplins web site. The stuff I see in their shops is usually pretty rubbish (pa section anyway). Surprised to see maplin cheaper than studiospares etc. by quite a lot of ££.


I'm looking to power a pair of JBL control 25 speakers.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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