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Wizard of Oz - LX


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Hi Guys,


Wonder if I can run a lighting arrangement past you in terms of fixtures and gel colours for an upcoming production of Oz.

Been lighting for a while - but we're short on tech time this time round and I'm not going to get all the tweaking time I'd like!


Would the below seem suitable (ie - I've not missed anything glaringly obvious)?


Front Bay 2

8 x S4 Zoom

3 L117 Steel Blue

3 L103 Straw

2 O/W


Front Bay 1 / LX Bar 1 / LX Bar 2

8 x Patt Fres 1K

2 L106 Pri Red

2 L147 Apricot

2 L156 Chocolate

2 O/W


CYC 8 x 1k Flood

4 L202 Half CT Blue

4 L205 Half CT Orange


Additional Specials In

L124 Dark Green

L139 Primary Green


Additonal LX

Front - 2 ROBIN Pointe

Flown - 2+4 ROBIN Pointe


I'm a little worried about the lack of blue in that arrangement - but the director is adamant they want the Sepia toning of the chocolate gels...

There will be some LED fixtures (floods) both in the front and onstage positions - would I get away with using these for the blues when required or better to stick with conventional?



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Erm, can't comment on gel colours but asking us to comment on fixtures is surely a little useless when you haven't provided either a plot or photos of the space? Even then it could be very difficult to advise? If it is a 35m x 15m stage with those bars it would be different to a 8m x 4m stage ?
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Not knowing what you are trying to achieve, or the size of the stage, it's hard for us to advise, however, Robe Pointe's seem like a very odd choice. Wouldn't it make more sense to go for some wash lights, (Robin 600's?) especially if you're already worried by the lack of blue?
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Cheers for your feedback guys.


Sorry - I meant to include the stage metrics but forgot to do so, my bad!

I've not yet finished a full plot for the stage yet, but can include some details to hopefully help.


Proscenium Opening Width - 9.40m

Proscenium Opening Height - 5.25m

Stage Depth - 7.30m

Tab Line to Stage Edge - 1.65m


Re the Pointes - yep, strange - but they come with the standard LX package from the theatre anyway. I've been looking into some more wash fixtures to see what I can do there - not sure if I'll get the budget off them for it, but it's their show I guess!


Thanks again, feeling a bit more comfortable with what's going on now!

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Abit concerned about the lack of red and green in the rig, especially for oz's lair and the witches castle, also for the haunted forest. These three locations are where most of the action takes place, and gives a great feel to the look of the show and works well with most costumes, especially the black of the witch. The sepia tones of Kansas should not be worried about, straw and lights with no gels create the same feeling and can be used in he entire production not just in the opening and closing scenes, I'd sacrifice the chocolate for something else more beneficial to the magical land of oz, when I worked on a production of oz last year we had a very simple rig and cyc for Kansas to reflect the basic way of living and the sepia tones, then burst throughout with a lot of colour for munchkin land right through all scene in the land of oz, even with a mild green wash at 20% building up thought the scenes to 100% in oz! there is a lot of scope and potential that your rig is missing out on.On a more positive note, the positioning of the LEDs is good and it can be used to initiate a burst of colour and will anchor your design. Sorry if it come across abit negative, it is a show that needs colour :)
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remember you can drop the frost into the Pointe to turn it into a nicely soft but still bright wash light. It's not really what it was made for but I still feel that beam fixtures with the frost in can make nice looking washes.
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