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What connector is this?


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Hi All,


I'm trying to identify this connector and where to get it from.








I've seen them used for LED tape, which is exactly what I'm aiming to do.


I've scoured CPC / RS but couldn't find it....

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It looks a little like an 0.1" pitch IDC header connector that a company I used to work for in the 80s used. RS used to sell them but I think we bought them in quantity from STC or Thomas and Betts, but I don't know if those companies are still around.
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There is an enormous range of crimp type connectors like this (although NOT with, presumably, high current flat pins) - and I can only suggest that you measure the pitch (distance between the centre of 2 pins) - and search the AMP and Molex connector Web sites.


Even Chinese types will be 'similar' to recognised makes I expect.....


The problem is - even if you find them - getting hold of small quantities, is likely to be impossible. If RS, Farnell, CPC and Rapid don't have them - you might have to change them for something you can get.

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