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Confetti Cannons


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Hi guys,


I know absolutely nothing about all this but I'm in a band that are playing a friend's 40th birthday party at a fairly large venue (large for a birthday party anyway).


What we're after is making a spectacular ending to our show. Our idea is on the last song to have some sort of confetti cannon exploding as the song kicks in with the confetti falling on the people dancing in front of the stage.


What sort of price will we be looking at for this and how easy it for someone who doesn't have a clue about it to set up and activate?



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I think the key with this is 'someone who doesn't have a clue'. Pyrotechnic solutions, such as a traditional 'confetti cannon' require a fair amount of pre-planning, and certainly shouldn't be used in uncontrollable situations such as a party. There are safer solutions however - a quick search of the forum will turn up some alternatives, including CO2 and spring loaded solutions.


As far as cost goes, it can be done fairly cheaply, but it depends on the quantity of confetti you require and the system you go for. Lincoln at JustFX has helped me out in the past with this kind of thing.








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the cheapest I can think of for a one time gig would be a large hand held party cannon you can get them at most card shops. they're not professional effect but they are activated at the pull of a string and will fill a decent sized venue for about twenty quid. http://www.sweetstall.com/acatalog/cannon.jpg


you can get them bigger than that but thats an idea of what they look like.

Remember you could have 4 or 5 people each with one of these standing around the edge of the dance floor all firing at the same time, covering the entire crowd with confetti and streamers.


If this is not what your looking for then I'm not sure about professional pyro confetti cannons or co2 cannons but they would be pretty pricey and harder to operate.


only my thoughts. think its time for someone that knows more about professional stuff to step in here if this is not what your looking for.

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