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DDA CS8 Mixer


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I'm replacing a couple of snapped off aux send pots on a mono input module. The Alps pots are available from Midas but they don't have any knobs.


I can't find the right ones on t'interweb (or any suitable alternative) and was wondering if anyone had an old console languishing in a corner that they could spare a couple of knobs off, or maybe recognises them and knows where they can be bought.


They're 11mm dia, 20mm long and fit on a 6mm flatted shaft.


Picture here





Thanks in hope/anticipation.



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I know they're not identical but they look very similar to Allen and Heath GL/mixwiz pot knobs.

Haven't got one here to check the actual size but maybe someone else could?


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someone will have one in a basement of a pub buy it for spare boards. trawl ebay setup searches.


lovely desks

I don't know how desperate you are for the genuine original knobs. maybe you could proposition a few house engineers as the places running these boards probably wouldn't mind if you exchanged for a suitable alternative that was a good fit on the pot shafts.


a list of venues I've seen them operating a few years ago


the Library Pub in Leeds


the Robin 2 in Bilston, Wolverhampton (32 monitor board)


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Orbital Sound amongst others had CS8's in their hire stock. I think they've got rid of them all but it might be worth contacting their service dept to see if they have any spare parts left. Otherwise patience and Ebay ...
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Thanks for the replies.


I'm not too fussed about exact matches for the originals, just as long as I can find something that fits. The problem is that they really need to be small enough to fit through the hole in the metalwork.


I'm sure I'll find something.


Patience is indeed the way forward.

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