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The shopping list thread.


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Hey guys. Investing some money for a, larger than usual, gig that I've got coming up.


So here's my rig so far;


2x 300w tops 8ohm

2x 400w subs 8ohm

1800w @4ohm amp


UB2442FX-PRO (for smaller gigs)

150w active monitor

A few SM58s

16/4 snake

31band graphic


rack case


I need a few odds and ends like mic stands, cables and maybe a spare DI incase mine packs up but the main things on my list for the next few months are a second amp so I can run my system in Stereo again, a gate/compressor, a set of drum mics and possibly an Audix OM5 for female vocals.


This is by no means an exhaustive list and doesn't include the upgrade of cabinets that I want to get, but is what I'm planning on investing in over the next few months. The only money I have to spend on the system is what I'm making from each gig so it takes me a while to build up my gear, although, I am thinking of applying for a business startup grant to speed the process along a bit and pay for some better marketting.



Anyway, I'm interesting to hear what you guys think would be a solid investment for bands in bars, clubs, halls, community and labour clubs etc.. Anything that you can't live without or, never leave the house for work, without?


Also, would love to hear from some other relative rookies, what sort of system do you have, or what do you get to work on if you don't have one of your own? Any gear you're interested in getting to expand your rigs or get yourself started?

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Look at each item on the list of what you have.


If you get to the gig and it does not work, how bad will that be?


In your case, the power amp looks to be the thing you most need a back-up plan for.

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Aye, that's a big bonus to having a second amp. Would hate for something like that to ruin someone's gig (Or my own! Ha). I'd be inclined to buy a third even so I can still run in exactly the same way if either fail. Could always use it for some monitoring in the means time.


At this point, I think if any of the outboard failed, I'd just run the system without them but at some point I do want to buy some higher end outboard for the reliability factor.


I also want to sort out some decent monitoring, but god damn that's gonna work out expensive. Getting a full monitoring system is essentially buying a second PA!

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