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Amp to Sub - NL4 Question - NIGHTMARE


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Morning All,

I should say first, I'm not a noise boy by trade, so please bear with me.


Just hired in some subs and amps. (D&B B2's and D12 amps)


The cable I have on site, is the NL4 connector - so will ofcourse fit. However, the cable is only two core.


Will I need 4 core cabled NL4 to drive these subs?


Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't want to blow anything up as they're not mine. The two core nl4 drivers the subs and monitors I have here absolutely fine, though they are nowhere near as good. Just some crappy little RCF ones!


If you could please let me know asao, that would be amazing!


Need to get these bad boys up and running!!


The amps are all set up correctly etc, as they're on hire - so no danger there!!


Many thanks in advance,


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Most loudspeaker cables are 2 core. You only use 4 core, and the 4 circuits on the NL4 when you need two complete circuits down one cable - as in one for tops, and another for the subs. If the amp goes to just the subs - carrying the sub feed, circuit 2+/2- is not needed.
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All* D&B subs have their drivers connected 2+/2-. Pins 1+/1- are just linked in the box so you could use one D12 per side (in the right mode) to feed a four core cable into the sub and then a 1+/1- link out to tops


*The only exception to this is the J-SUB and J-INFRA use two amp channels each so have the front drivers on 1+/1- and the rear driver on 2+/2-

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