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Old lighting boards


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Hi everyone,


I'm wondering if you guys (and galls) know of any good websites that feature old lighting desks and fixture's?

Found a post about NEET but that website has disapeared, and another one I used to have a bookmark on also appears to be vanished.


I have some old desks and I'm trying to track their history down.




Mark Heick






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one of them is this old lighting desk from Compulite, it doesnt have a series name on it.

I was told that it was custom build but I figured there should be a whole series of custom build desks then.


Also It doesnt have a real light output conector, it seems to be some kind of 7 pole DMX/XLR connector.

Maybe it did come with an extra unit (19"?) for the light ouput and the monitor.


I think its from the same age as the Compulite Animator.






I took this pictures in the warehouse of one of the companies I work for, no commercial meenings, I later noticed that I also Photographed the screenings.








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...any good websites that feature old lighting desks and fixture's?...


Compulite stage museum


Presume the real old-timers are at LightNetwork, see this link old consoles at lightnetwork..


At Lightnetwork you get hold of Paul Pelletier (his homepage of old desks), and Mats Karlsson (incredible what he remembers and even have of old brochures etc), and Nick Archdale etc etc.



/Kåre Olai

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