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mark quinney

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Or to update a cue on a playback fader, press clear, push up the fader, change the position, press record, press the blue button above the fader, press "merge" on the soft keys.


(I think you need to select "merge" in Pat's palette example above as well)

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To add:


- The merge options appear by default but there is a user setting that can change this to [Always Merge].

- There are two ways to merge: [Merge] will merge according to the type, mode and mask set in record palette menu (shift+palette or palette/[record]). [Quick Merge] will mask to only include attributes in the programmer that match the existing palette (denoted by the IPCGBES mask indicator in the softkeys).

- Where [Always Merge] is enabled, merge always uses quick merge rules.

- Where [Always Merge] is not enabled, selecting the destination handle a second time will quick merge.

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