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Controlling Capture from MagicQ on the same PC


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Hi All,


I recently updated both MagicQ to version and Capture to version 2.11.23 but I cannot get MagicQ to controll capture, I've gone through MagicQ and turned on the setting send to applications on the same PC and left all the connection settings in Capture to the defaults. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might have missed or what might be wrong.




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Assuming you have set the MQ vis setting in Patch to Capture same PC, then Capture should see the enabled CITP universes coming in. You need to right click on then in Capture to connect the Capture patch to what is coming in, I forget the actual term right now.


If no universes can be seen then either MQ isn't sending them or you have a loop back address or firewall issue perhaps.

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