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Compulite Spark 4D


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Hello, I'm having an issue with a Compulite Spark 4D. I'm trying to utilise the 2nd DMX Universe, which in reading from the manual, I access by using absolute channel/dimmer addresses. So channel 513 is DMX1 on Universe 2 etc.


However, when typing Channel 513 @ FULL ENTER, I get an Illegal Number Error Message. I have gone into the patch and reset it to a default 1-1. I also tried assigning channel 1 to dimmer 513 and again, invalid input.


Does anyone have any tips as to how do I access the 2nd universe?


Thank you, Alex.

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Its about 6 years since I have used a spark, having owned one in the past. And apologies if this is later than required.


From memory you need to go into 'service tools' from the main menu to 'Config system' followed by F3 channels, then type in the amount of channels you wish to use. It will allow you up to 1536 channels across the 3 universes, however you don't have to put all of these in obviously. You can for some reason only do channels in multiples of 8 in this menu I believe.


You will then need to enter and exit this menu and store the configuration. This will all be via the 'F' buttons. I think its F6 to store config. You should then be able to patch normally the amount of channels you require in the patch manager within the main menu.


I hope this helps, I am very rusty with the Spark range, preferring to run a Vector these days. I am sure if you have a chance that it will be in the manual on the compulite website for download if need be. I would be able to talk you through properly if I had a desk in front of me, but not sure of anyone that has one anymore. Hope you get done what you need to.




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