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Any review to PVP (ProVideoPlayer)


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Hi Guys!

I'm looking for another software easy to use for my day by day work.

I actually use Qlab3, and it's a great software, this new version come with a lot of usefull functions but, at this time I need some software to be used by a "junior" with no complications.


The older version of PVP is easy to use but have no options to manage video files.

Anyone of you was tested the new version?


Looks great because easy file management and extensions like networking, edge blending (also Qlab), etc.


Ok... What do you think about this software?


PS: I searched at the forum without lucky about this software. I'm sorry if you already talked about it.


Edit: A link to PVP2 http://www.renewedvision.com/pvp.php

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I disagree, Playback Pro definitely has it's uses, but for shows where you want effectively random access to files, PVP would be better in my opinion. Not used it personally but it comes recommended by our senior Video Tech (a guy who used it heaps in South Africa) and I have seen some touring techs through with it as well.


ChrisKerr, have you actually used Playback Pro, and PVP and able to comment with any authority on both?



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ChrisKerr, have you actually used Playback Pro, and PVP and able to comment with any authority on both?


Chris is a well qualified and experienced broadcast engineer.

I think it is fair to say that, yes he is able to comment with authority on both these and various other playback options (both hardware and software) that are available.



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Thanks Guys, I respect Playback Pro but I think needs to update a little bit.

Is a very strong software but today all of us need more tools to respond a lot of requeriments of shows running... To me, Edge Blending and Custom Outputs is a must have, to work with projectors and led screens at the same time.

My idea is buying a software easy to use to a Junior but powerfull used by a experimented user.


And pricing about, isn't diference between PlayBack Pro and PVP 2 and Qlab 3 Full edition.


So, I will check if have a Demo at the website and tell you my experience.

Thanks for the comments, If have any other software to try let me know!!

Best Regards!!

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I don't think PBP+ needs to be updated. It's designed as a replacement for a VT deck, to play media files into a system. It does this with aplomb, and we have had very few issues with it, and it's great for replacing DVD players or tape decks.


The OP is almost asking for two different bits of software - something simple to use for a 'Junior' and then something with edge blend etc. PBP+ is simple - load a file to the playlist, hit enter to take it live and it runs. Ideal for a junior to use to play out media.


PVP and QLab are a different product (heading into the media server type product range), so it's a little unfair to say that PBP+ lacks the features, when it's not designed to have them….

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