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Stage Texture/Aggregates


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Hello all,


I am currently in the process of designing a show set in a factory circa 1914-17. I was trying to come up with some sort of material, aggregate, dust? to give the stage floor some sort of texture/colour. I was wondering if any one has ever done or seen something that worked well on stage?


We have a tight get in/get out so painting any textures etc is out of the question, needs to be something we can lay down and sweep/mop up.


Another problem is that there will also be scenery and props on castors, obviously whatever we use on the floor has to allow for this and not stop moving scenery in its tracks.


This maybe a tall ask but I thought I would put it out there in the off chance that someone has seen the perfect material for the job.


Cheers all.



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Do a Googly one for "Textured Flooring" and you might come up with Marmoleum or this stuff


Think bathroom style, non-slip floor coverings and you won't go too far wrong but be aware they are not the cheapest.


Dependent on the factory, realism might suggest a packed earth floor or one with cobble-style paving though the most common would have been pine planking in light industry like weaving etc. all of which could be painted floor cloth.


If all else fails you could just scatter straw in a thin layer. Don't use sand or dust, I am still living that one down years after the event.

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+1 for a painted floorcloth.

It will give you the 'look & feel' of a dusty floor without the dust.

You can easily darken areas around static props to enhance look.

Just one of those 'old skool' things that hasn't been improved!

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Agreed floorcloth is going to be your best bet. Lay it out and paint it before the get-in if you have the space. If you have castors on scenery you want to avoid using any loose aggregate at all.
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