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Custom mic bag


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So, I currently keep all my mics in their own pouches in a big kit-bag, and could do with something a little more practical.


Have ruled out getting a peli on wheels with a foam tray for the mics, as the kitbag approach otherwise works well for me.


What I'd love is 2-3 mic bags, with a velcro top and divided sections for mics, not too snug, so I can keep clips on mics. Something a bit like a load of Neumann KMS 104 pouches all connected up. Saw this fishing tackle bag which isn't a million miles off what I want, but I think it'd need to be custom made.


Any pointers of where to go to?

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Hi Alec,


Five Star have started manufacturing soft bags. I've recently had a lectern case made up by them and am pretty impressed. Price wise they were fairly competitive too as they are trying to seal up a lot of the market.

They've got some examples on their Facebook page, they are trading as Protect bags - here's a link the the FB site. The obvious advantage over other options is they have a lot of industry experience.


Andy Hudson is the guy to speak to hud@5star-cases.com


Hope that helps,



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