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Carlsbro Equinox 12300 mixer/amp


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Hi all,


Anyone got any experience with these? Its a very simple 12 channel powered mixer. Works great, with the exception of the on board effects. Each channel has a rotary to send to it, and theres a master effects return rotary, but doesn't seem to do anything! Its got send and returns for an external effects unit, and thought it may be a faulty jack port on these, but doesn't seem to be.


Its in use tonight and have made peace with no reverb, but if theres an internal jumper or something, I'll open it up over the next couple of days. My suspicion is its currently set to the external effects unit, not the onboard, but god knows how- I can only assume an internal jumper as theres nothing on the front of the unit. Anyone got a schematic or a manual?




Edited to add - its not listed on the Carlsbro site, I suspect its just a chinese product branded Carlsbro as a one off. Nor is googling resulting in any schematics!

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Now that Carlsbro and Studiomaster are under one roof, it seems that the PA side of Carslbro has disappeared? Might it be worth contacting them directly? I did find an old Carlsbro website that listed your unit, but there were no manuals to download.
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