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Hi, cant go into much detail on this in an open forum but I'm looking to speak to people who have taken on a theatre and put it either into a CIC or trust status. Please PM me if you work at such a venue and know someone I could contact.

Regards and Happy New Year

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I know of a theatre in Romsey in Hampshire that was taken over by the local Amateur operatic and dramatic society and is run as a charity. It's a listed Art Deco building. http://www.plazatheatre.com they might be able to give some advice if you contact them.

It's not listed!! But apart from that...


The "trust status" is under review at the moment.


Drop me a PM, the legal side isn't my forte, but I have been on the Trustees' committee, but not for some time. If you let me know what you want to know, I can ask for you.


Another line of info could be The Little Theatre Guild.

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