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zero 88 elara


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First off, if you're hiring in some movers, an Elara is completely the wrong thing to hire for control. You need something that can deal with both dimmer and moving lights - the Elara can't do that. I'll leave it up to Paul to recommend the Fat Frog ...  :angry:

And there was I about to suggest he hires in your New shiney Hog!!! :rolleyes: Half a dozen twirlies and a box of bandaids for when he gets thumped around the head from the Director. :blink:

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:rolleyes:(not sure what this smilie is supposed to represent, but he looks like a guy in stage blacks to me...therefore - it's a stagehand...)

:angry: :blink: :ph34r:


Isn't it supposed to be "The Man From The Joy Of Sex Books", as featured on the Harry Hill show a couple of years back? :(

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Although I've e-mailed Dan about this off list, I suggested using 4 Wash Lights (Coemar Prowash 250 LX for instance @ £75 each), to colour wash the stage, which would free up more channels for the generic rig, and some S4 or SL's doing the gobo's, which he would have previously used the moving head profiles for.


I would have thought in this situation that wash lights would be so much more verstaile.


Plus I couldn't imagine a Mac 500 wizzing around in Les Mis :rolleyes:



PS. Fat Frog would definetly do the trick for a 24 channel generic rig with 4 movers. Saves hiring two boards!

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Dan... I'd be interested to get an update. One of the things missing from 'next door' was that questions were asked but we didnt normally hear the end result - if you could let us know what your plans are, it might start a trend.







PS: Do you like the new : stagecrew : :D icon? (try typing : stagecrew : in your next post, you'll see what I mean)

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