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Vote - which system would you buy, and why?


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Dear Mike!


Do you think those speakers can compete with the Meyer Upas in quality?


I mean can we compare them box by box ? How about the components ? Are they made by your company or they are made by some other company.


Thank you very much.

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That's a difficult question for me to answer! In terms of components, both the EMS-121 and UPA-1 use a 12" LF driver unit, although the UPA uses a 1.4" exit HF driver rather than the 1" in the EMS-121. All our drive units are made by other manufacturers, but are unique to our products and built to our specification.


The EMS-121 will stand up next to a UPA-1 - both are good products with their unique advantages, but the only advice I can really give is to listen to both side by side and see what you think, rather than look purely at datasheets or take my word as a manufacturer's representative. Things I can say are the the EMS-121 goes lower, and has a narrower dispertion than a UPA-1 (obviously more useful if running a pair in a cluster - though UPA-2's would work this way too).


I hope that this is useful to you - if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Kind Regards,



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