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Le Maitre Fake Flame


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Hi all


Does anyone know of anywhere with hire stock of the Le Maitre Fakeflame Machines? I spoke to Le Maitre a while back and they only had one in hire stock and similarly Stage Lighting Services Cardiff have one. We may be looking for around 4 units for a project but I don't want to be offering it as an option if they simply aren't available.


Has anyone on here used them? Any feedback? If there is stock about I would be looking to demo a unit asap.





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I was considering these for our panto next month but struggled to find many places that stocked hire units. They seem to go into installs more than anything.


Le Maitre did say by the way that the effect is best when punters are on a level with the units - another reason I stopped looking as I wanted the effect on the stage front, and our auditorium is quite raked, so most would be looking down on them.


Something to bear in mind.







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