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Help identifying connectors


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Hi all


I just bought a Cloud CX A850 which has some speaker output connectors I've not come across before.




I did a bit of research and they *seem* to be Euroblock or Phoenix but they don't seem to quite fit the pictures of the ones I can find online or at RS or Farnell






Can anyone confirm the type of connector and where exactly I can pick some up?



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Cloud do 'install kits' or something along those lines which are basically a full set of connectors as would have been supplied originally. What you want is stock code CA365056 from this page, we usually order from Batmink or not sure if you can from Cloud directly.


Sorry - didn't see Simon had also posted the link as well as the Cloud suggestion.

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They are standard Phoenix connectors. Go to Farnell, enter Phoenix in the search, and they'll be in the pretty pictures below. As you have found, other companies make compatible connectors.


Things to know.


1) Phoenix connectors are available in several different "widths", two and three pole being most common in our line of work. If you want to use all eight amplifier outputs, you can use two pairs of eight wide blocks, or eight blocks each two wide; they just butt up against each other. (Keep a few two pole and three pole connectors in the go-to box, that way you'll be OK when you come across them again)


2) These aren't really called phoenix connectors at all, that just what we call them. Phoenix Connect the company make bazzilions of types of connectors, and somewhere along the line their name got attached to these connectors, the Hoover effect. Harting have had a similar fate bestowed upon them.

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Phoenix connectors, I suspect 5 or 5.08mm Pitch.


The green input connections are also a smaller pheonix connector.


I suspect this will do you:



Assuming it is the 5.08mm pitch. If not, then the plug will go in, but it will feel a bit 'too' tight. Whether or not that bothers you is up to you!

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