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Chauvet SlimPAR and Batten questions.

Mr. Nobody

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Hi there! :)


1. I have 4 Chauvet COLORdash Batten. Specifically this one:


What I need to know is the exact name of this light so that I can find the personality on my Avolites Pearl Tiger. I've looked around everywhere on Chauvet's homepage but I can't find it. They have a lot of other Battens and COLORdashs, but non like the ones I have. I'm not sure if it's discontinued, and even if it is, Chauvet usually has a page for the lights that are.


Does anybody know the exact name of this light or know if Chauvet has some information about it on their homepage?


2. Does anyone have any experience with any or different types of Chauvet SlimPAR? I've looked into a lot of different types, mostly SlimPAR 64 RGBA, SlimPAR Pro RGBA, SlimPAR Pro Tri and SlimPAR Quad 12 IRC, but I can't decide which to go for. I will be controlling them via DMX and they will mainly be used as wash lights for TenSing shows (Pop, rock and some gospel). I will be getting five lights to cover the stage. The stage is five meters wide, and the lights will be hanging from a truss four meters above and 1 meter behind the stage. Smoke will also be used to make the light visible.

Is there any of the lights that stand out in every scenario, or are different lights good for different things? From what I could see from the specifications on Chauvet's website the Quad 12 IRC looked like it was best at everything (except for some field angle). The most expensive seems to be the Pro Tri, though I'm not sure why, it seems like the only thing it exceeds in is a little field angle (8 more degrees than the Quad 12) and more possibilities with choosing number of DMX adresses.


Any answer appreciated, thank you! :)

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I've got 6 of the SLIMPar ProTri and 2 of the VW units myself.

I originally purchased them for use in smaller spaces and for temporary setups and site specific work but they have found themselves doing long duty as pipe end units in my main space. The stage is 10m across and 8m deep and they do a fine job at providing a strong colour wash. I've found them especially useful for the odd gig that we do and for things like youth theatre where you may not know exactly what is coming.

Only 2 issues I have found so far.

They have a smooth fade out but the last little "chunk" (from 1-0) is a fixed speed. You can change how quick this is on the back of the unit but it means you will always have them chasing your conventionals, especially on snap blackouts. It is one of those things that is noticeable to me but no one else has ever commented on.

Also, when I first had them I had a unit that lost a segment (a 1/3) of its green LEDs. I sent this back via the supplier and it was repaired. In the last 2 months (I have had the units for over 2 years) another 3 have developed exactly the same fault. I have been waiting for January to get them repaired but it seems odd that they all have the same fault, with the same colour LEDs. YMMV.

As a last note, a curio more than anything. I have a DAB radio in my theatre. I noticed one day that when the LEDs on the pros booms, directly above where the radio sat, were bought up, it killed the radio signal. Even odder, it was only the colour red that did this!

Overall the units have performed better than I thought they would in our environment. I'd offer a visit but it looks like it would be a bit of a trek :)

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Okay, this sounds very promising! :) How far above the stage do they hang?

Okay, that about the malfunctioning LEDs doesn't sound very good (especially since I might have to order them from abroad).

Wow, that is weird!

Thank you, would be great, but it's quite a distance :) Thank you for your detailed answer! :)


At the minute I can't decide between the Pro Tri ( http://www.chauvetlighting.com/slim-par-pro-tri.html ) and the Quad 12 IRC ( http://www.chauvetlighting.com/slimpar-quad-12-irc.html ).

The Quad has over twice the lux @ 2m (4500 lux, which is pretty good, isn't it?), and also has Amber, which I've heard is really helpful in getting a clean white or yellow. Anyone got any preferences about RGB vs RGBW vs RGBA?

From the information I've gathered from Chauvet's website it seems like the Pro Tri only exceeds in a little field angle as well as some built in programs. But seeing as it is more expensive than the Quad 12 I feel like there is some crucial information I have overlooked. Or may it be so that the built-in programs are worth 30£ extra?

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we have the slimpar Quads great units nice and bright and the dimmer is quite smooth the only problem is they are so versatile, I want to use them on the stage and in the foyer and out on gigs so I need some more!!
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The quads may well be brighter on open white but I guess they would be a bit dimmer than the tris on solid colours.


In answer to your question, my average hang height is 6m .

I'd wait for others opinions/experience on reliability. The fact that I had a few go with the same issue suggests a batch error on a component to me, rather than a design flaw. Pure guesswork though.

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We have 24 slim par pro RGBA in rental stock and have sold around another 20 or so. They are very good fixtures for the money and Chauvet have supported us well with these. We have had the odd one go back but nothing much. the dimmer curve is a little clunky but then for the money nothing beats them. The amber is a welcome addition when mixing skin tones and I have some dance side lighting with them on some shows where we have had little power etc.



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