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Wizard of Oz, Gobos


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I've just bought my first moving light off ebay (with my own money!) to try and spice up our production of WoZ but it came Gobo-less. I will probably buy a couple of forest/general scenery types from GoboPlus but I wondered if there were any gobos around that match the play? Searching around hasn't turned up anything yet. The lantern is a Coemar 1200 zoom....mike.
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Just approach someone like AC Entertainment for advice. The thing about gobos in certain moving lights is they have no index, ie if there is no up or down then not a problem but say you hava e tree it might be rightway up or not the next time you use it. I have load of older Mac 250s and this is a problem but the new 250s have index marks to repeat the postion as required. Obviously all obsolete but a very affordable mover for lowere budget projects
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If it is the ISPOT 1200 the the gobo sizes in the manual the gobo dimensions are as follows:

gobo wheel 1 (closest to the lamp):

ø external = 32,9 mm

ø image = 26 mm

thickness = from 0,2 to 3,5 mm

to help people make suggestions


breakups are always useful to suggest trees, cobblestones for yellow brick road, farmhouse for Kansas scene. Look for gobos that will help save scene changes and for those short scenes in front of the main curtain while scene changes are happening behind the main curtain.


It may be usefull to have your mover foh so it can also use title gobos such as Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Aladin etc.


Control Booth post on Yellow Brick Road Shows brich road image The Apollo site Brick Road does not show an image.


Just keep googling and use images viewing mode.


I have done the Wiz using four profiles on separate channels with brick gobos, so the road appears in front of them as they sing and I have also done it using yellow gelled fresnels, so the floor could be left neutral. Do not use Lee010 as it has too much green for costumes, use Lee 101 yellow.

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