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Hey Everyone


I'm looking at getting four new speaker stands. I want something than can take the knocks [school life doesn't exactly fair well for equipment that can't] Im looking at the K&M speaker stands as their mic stands are great, but there is still a huge difference in price [and I guess quality] in their product range.

We have four RCF ART 312P speakers just before someone asks.


I know its a boring post but thought some of you guys will have used some great ones as well as some rubbish ones that I should stay clear of.





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Yes, K&M speaker stands are excellent and, in my opinion, worth the money.


Don't forget that you're also buying a five year warranty and (with a few exclusions) a guarantee that they'll keep selling spare parts for at least ten years.

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I find the main problem with students is not so much that they actually break things, but that they fiddle with them, remove small parts & put them back together wrongly. (This is of course breaking things - but nothing is snapped or bent, just not longer where it should be.)


So, if the hight range of this Peavey stand is OK for you, then I recommend it. The pin is the only removal part. They are also extremely light.


If you need taller, or other features, then K&M would be my choice too.





Edit to remove a grocers' apostrophe that had sneaked in from somewhere. <_<

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I have Proel Stands with air damping and have been very happy with them.


I would recommend purchasing some decent padded speaker stand bags, one for each pair. They keep them looking nice and make them slightly easier to store and carry.

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