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CPC/"ProPower/Regal Wealth" microphone cable


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There's a previous topic about a similarly named cable here but that's related to a starquad-type cable, this one is more standard mic cable.


I bought a drum of this cable http://cpc.farnell.com/jsp/level5/module.jsp?moduleId=cpc/518550.xml recently. No specific application, I just find it handy to have some spare cable for projects or making up leads, and this one was on special offer at 38 pounds, reduced from 85.


First surprise was just how heavy the drum was. It's quite a thick, heavy cable, but flexible. 8mm according to the spec, and it seems to handle and coil OK. It actually feels almost like a mains cable rather than mic.


No markings other than "REGAL WEALTH" printed on it.




Construction is pretty much as in the photo - the jacket is very thick compared to the cores, perhaps slightly mores than the photo suggests. Proper close-weave braiding and a drain wire.


The thickness of the cable and close-weave braid makes it a little bit more time-consuming to solder up connectors. It fitted OK, albeit a little tight, into the Neutrik XLRs I was using - I imagine it might be difficult for other connectors, especially jacks etc.


So on the whole, I quite like it. We'll see how it behaves after a few events. But I'll have to buy something else for "ordinary" connectors!


Has anyone else tried it?

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