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Transporting Pyro around europe


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Hi All,


Bit of an odd question, but does anyone know of any documentation relating to the transportation (an idiots guide) of Pyro throughout Europe? I have been informed that certain countries prohibit pyro being brought across the border (Spain being the one I was told about). Do any other countries have any strange rules?


Thanks in advance





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"I want to travel across boarders with a large selection of explosives"

Just don't, don't even try - there's so much that could go wrong. Have pyro's delivered in batches to the venues across your tour so that someone else has all the hassles, paperwork and headaches of the international movement of explosives. It's going to cost you a lot more trying to do it yourself than a few £20/time shipping costs across the life of the tour.

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It clearly is possible to ship hazardous goods internationally, major film shoots do it. BUT the cost may be prohibitive.


Firstly Hazardous goods class 1 (explosives) cannot travel by air, then the rules for sea transport may differ from the road transport rail will be different too.


A really good DGSA with international experience may assist but there will be a big fee.


The easy way is to ask your favoured suppliers for their distributors in the countries that you intend to visit.


For an initial suggestion try to contact Chris at Illuminate Consult they move fireworks big time. There is a fee for his advice but as he is a DGSA with international shipping experience it will be worth while.



Total NEC could well put you into ADR scope, which will likely mean an ADR driver or two and one van for pyro ONLY.


On passenger ferries it's still up to the Captain whether or not he carries you -even with all the correct paperwork.

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Pyro can travel by air, even by passenger aircraft if it's the correct compatibility group. It does obviously need all the correct paperwork and packaging, so don't try just rocking up to check-in with a big brown box!


To be honest, as Tom said, talk to your supplier (I'm talking factory rather than distributor here) about doing separate deliveries to each country (possibly to your local licence cover if you are using one). The factories are used to arranging this. Any extra costs incurred will be more than offset by the comfort of making it someone else's problem...!!!

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