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A friend asked me tonight where he could get an Aslan made. I suggested this might be an expensive option, and had he considered hiring one. OK, he says, where from?


Good question. I'm not really a props and wardrobe person, so I don't know. I'll ask our props and wardrobe people where they'd suggest, but also thought I'd ask here.


It's for a dance academy show in Feb 2014. I suspect it's not got a hell of a lot of budget, but I didn't get a figure from him. He lives in Essex - I'm going to get the location and budget from him and will

post it here later.


Thanks, everyone.

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I might just be able to help you.....


Next Monday we open The Narnia Experience Leeds. It runs for 2 weeks. We've got a 2 person Aslan puppet which is quite "War horse" in style, though it has flesh - it isn't skeletal. Construction is bamboo and foam. He stands about 8 feet high!


I don't know what's happening to him afterwards. We may be keeping him, we may be giving him to the theatre group we've got some of the set from. I'll keep you informed and once the veil of secrecy is lifted, I'll post some photos. He's flipping impressive though!

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