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Trying to track down a replacement fader


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I'm trying to repair a small lighting controller that someone has handed in. It is missing just one of its 16 faders. So far I've removed the broken fader, and the only marking on it is the legend "B10 K" underneath, (which you can't see until you've removed it from the PCB).


I was hoping that it would be a straightforward item to track down, but CPC, Farnell, and RS don't appear to have it. Googling has only found me one solid mention of them, on the American DJ Spare Parts Site. However, this is US only, I'd rather not have to pay for / wait on delivery, and the European site doesn't appear to list them .


I was wondering if anyone had come across them or knew of a source, ideally in the UK, that is going to be happy dealing with a very small order?

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B10k simply means it's a 10k ohm linear fader (as opposed to log).


That makes sense! However it's curious that the term has such a low number of relevant google hits.


And of course, there's no guarantee that the faders on the American DJ site would actually fit...


Photos and dimensions are what we need.


I'll get them posted once I get home tonight. Cheers!

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OK, I've added a couple of photos below. Apologies for the relatively poor quality.


The fader itself is 60mm long and 10mm wide. If there are any other measurements that would be useful, just let me know.











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google for 60mm b10k fader lin uk and use images as display. 10K Lin Fader UK


You need to match the top part of the fader that fits into your fader knob. May be square or chamfered.


You need to select a fader that has two connections at one end and an offset connection at the other end. Make sure you don not select one that has the single terminal connection in the centre of its end. Notice that there is a missing pin or empty space next to one of the number 2.


Try and get a fader that has a dust cover.

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