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Am I being totally stupid on this one, basically I have an A&H mixwizard desk and when I press the L+R button down it completly ignores teh L+R faders. I can take teh faders down and it will be still outputting on that channel.


Is it because im using the jack out rather than the XLR out. It would strike me as strange but I am not used to allen and heath kit.


I cant test the XLR out with my theory as most of my cables are in the lock up.


Does exactly the same thing via the groups.




Any ideas.

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Which Mix Wizard?


If it's the 12:2 or 16:2 then there are no jack outs for the L and R outputs. If you've plugged into the jacks above the XLRs then, IIRC, those are the insert points for the main outputs so will not be affected by the main LR faders.


If you're using the A-B monitor outputs then there is a link inside the desk to set these pre- or post- main faders so that could be set pre-fader.

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Looking at the rear panel layout in the user guide downloadable from the A&H website, I'd say Brian's right. The layout is however a bit confusing - it does look like you could use either XLR or jack, but in fact they have different functions. (that's on the older models - I didn't bother to look up the mark 3s)
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