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Vari-lite 2000 Spot Lenses.


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I have a couple of second hand VL2000 Spots, one of which has a problem with its focus.

I have narrowed down the fault to the orientation of the lenses in the Sub-Barrel Group 1 Lens Assembly (assembly number: 21.9660.0225). - Clearly the previous owner has had them apart before which is apparent by the abundance of bits of rag stuck in some of the fans.

My issue is that although I have managed to find the following document detailing the order of the lenses http://asoft11230.accrisoft.com/varilite/clientuploads/directory/downloads/TN-240.pdf I am likely to struggle telling the difference between 6.604mm and 7.112mm using general workshop tools and the fact that is it a convex lens. I could easily tell 0.1mm on a measurable flat surface, but a lens?!

In the other unit the entire assembly has emptied itself within the head so I have no idea what order the lenses are supposed to go in.

Basically I am asking whether there is an easier way of telling which lens is which as none of them have any markings but they are all surrounded by slightly different colour rings.

In addition. I am also struggling to unscrew the lens retainer to access the lenses in the first place. I have it currently soaking in silicone lubricant - Any suggestions?

Many thanks for your help..


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Lateral thinking solution:

Find perfectly level surface. Clean it of all dust.

Check surface with spirit level.

Place lenses a small distance apart on said surface.

Line a spirit level up along the top edges of both lenses.

The bubble should move towards the side of the deeper lens.


0.5mm should be enough to cause a change in the spirit level's bubble.

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