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Mirror ball motors


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For a job last week, I needed a couple of mirror balls. As my existing units weren't available (*) I needed to purchase a couple of 30cm balls just for this job. I also bough a couple of the QTX motors. Not the heavy duty ones, just the standard mains powered ones that you see advertised for less than 10 quid.


They've got a fairly lightweight plastic case, which made mounting a little awkward, but they did the job fine.


However, after the event when I took them down - they had been running for about 6 hours - the metal spindles seemed rather hot.


Is this normal?






(*) My own units weren't available, as they've been attached to the lighting bars in the roof of a local venue for a couple of years, as I use them there quite regularly. However, that venue no longer appears to have any ladders....

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Yeah, the little generic motors always seem to run quite hot. Just typical Chinese pushing things to their limits of economy.

Technically speaking you could add some form of current limiting to make them run cooler without reducing the torque too much, but it's debatable whether it's worth doing so.

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